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Hi and welcome to my blog!

There are frankly many things that get on my tits and countless embarrassing episodes that haunt me like the plague BUT this blog is about finding the treasure in the trial… the lil pieces of joy.

Whether you are having a fabdiddilyastic week or an absolute stinker of a time ALPJ is a lil dose of virtual sunshine to brighten up your world (and my own).

I have spent many a sleepless nights pondering why outrageous misfortunate things happen in my life. For instance, once I was walking through a park and a bird flew into my face. Just flew into my face!!! You couldn’t write this! Ouch!  I have walked through a posh restaurant with my dress tucked into my pants (yes, I sobbed loudly over my seafood marinara when one kind lady bothered to tell me my ass cheeks were on display), I have got stuck in countless toilets and flashed my boobs when my strapless bra fell off in my uni fashion show. I am catnip for utter nutters and general asbos. My cat Snuckums has a worrying habit of shitting on my bathmat and I have a worrying habit of stepping right into it. I have felt heartache and had my fair share of trauma but I have come to realize I am not alone! We all trip, slip and fall but life teaches us to get on with it my brothers and sisters!! This is my attempt to look on ‘the bright siiide of life, de do de dodedo’.

Ciao x


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