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Rejection Perfection!

The first week of term at University is often pretty traumatic if you ask me… you have not a clue where room 345BUIYGDNBBIYUGDHDNIHY is and are kicking yourself for getting cocky and buying non-Tesco value products at the supermarket! DOH!

There is another reason why Week 1 can be a bit of a shit.

Yes, it’s audition time. Or as I fondly call it… rejection time. Yes I am one of those people who are often rejected by cash machines, men and student directors.

‘WHAT?!? How could you not like my heartrenching rendition of Memory in a onesie my gran customised with swarovski crystals??’

When I told my ma I was auditioning for productions she responded rather blasé ‘oh, good practice for rejection then’. Thanks. Mother.


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In all seriousness rejection has given me skin like a whale.

The first time I missed out on a role I cried for 2 days. The second time I cried for 1. Third time I was over it in an hour. Now I am the Arnold Schwarzenegger of rejection.  I take the punches but leave determined ‘I’ll be back’!! Bring it on mo’ fo’.

If you have been rejected in any aspect of your life then my heart goes out to you. But you are not alone. In this particular scenario I asked one of the people who rejected me why they had done so. They told me I wasn’t what they had in mind for that role. Soooo basically I’m not shit, I just wasn’t what they had in mind.

What to do when faced with rejection.

Whatever happens, if you are reading this and have felt rejection recently promise me you will not measure your self-esteem, ability or appearance on what some other human being thinks. Instead queue your bad-ass interlude music (mine is ‘Back in Black’ by AC/DC) go forth, smile and conquer. Victory will taste sweeeeter the more you have had to do to earn it.

Miss Congeniality

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Remember some of the best/most popular movies are pretty much always about the underdogs. This is probably because everybody identifies with rejection at some point or another. Think Back to the Future, Never Been Kissed, Stardust, Superman, Spiderman, Forest Gump, Lord of the Rings, Rocky, Braveheart, Gladiator, Slumdog Millionaire, Cinderella etc etc

So finally if you got the part/role/date/job/contract continue to kick some hypothetical rear-end. YAYAYAY!!

If you are working out the rejection perfection, continue to tone that resiliance, buff your determination and flex that enthusiasm. You rock!

Have a good week all!


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