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The Best Things in Life are Free (Well Almost)

I have been a little stressed this week.

To cushion this underlying anxiety I decided to make a list of some of the things that bring a lil joy, serenity and comfort into my world. Here’s what I came up with…

1. Skype 

My gran has been very seriously ill but lives about 3000 miles away. My mum and aunt have travelled half way around the world to be with her and for the past few days I have been speaking to them via Skype. It is so great when you’re loved ones are far away

2. The Cornish Accent

Even if you are shiiite at accents, it makes me smile to say ‘ere shag, bleddy ‘ansome and bootyful.

3. M&S Melt in the Middle Chocolate Puddings

Sooooo goooooood! The sick feeling afterwards it is so worth it! (I’ve eaten FOUR this week!!)

4. Spice Girls

Finger wagging to Who Do You Think You Are.

When I’m stressed or one of my flat mates need a little 2 minute break I stick this on and we dance like nutters around our flat. I have been known to jig on my own to this too.

5. Nice Cuppa Tea 

Simple. As. That.


6. People on hands free headsets having arguments on the phone.

It’s hilarious – come on. The other day I saw a man shouting and swearing at a parked car like a total maniac – then I realized he was on the phone. Awesome.

7. Bar Brawl.

I know it’s marginally sadistic but I love a good bar brawl (so long as I’m not involved).

8. The amazing techniques of life coach Gabrielle Bernstein.

It is a lil philosophical but if you are soul digging or coming to a cross roads it has some good advice.

9. Stroking a pet.

At the moment I am at uni and one of the things I miss most about home are my dog and cats. Even though they poo on my bathmat, mutilate small, fluffy rodents, vom everywhere, harass me for food then only take two bites before walking away and pretty much ruin my life, I do miss the fluffy lil flea bags when I’m away.

When I’m feeling stressed they always sort of appear and start rubbing themselves on me to make me feel better, and you know what… it does. Stroking animals is supposed to have a calming effect. It’s science or something.

10. Massaging your own face.

Weird, I admit, but strangely relaxing. I am so addicted to massages that many of my friends don’t give me them anymore. (I know – how ruuuuude!)

During flu season my sinus’ get really blocked and I get what I fondly call Face Ache. Gosh it can get pretty painful. Apparently the fluid gathered up in you sinus’ needs to be moved about a bit so it can drain away.

Naturally I don’t go up to my friends and family and say ‘hey can you massage my face for a bit’, so I end up just doing it myself. Yes, I am THAT independent.

11. Mr Motivator

My HERO!!! also known as Derrick Evans. If you haven’t heard of him you need to check him out now. Such a legend! He’s an 80’s telly icon who is as much hailed for his fitness tips as his spandex outfits. What a dude!

I once bought his workout video at a car boot sale and it was the best three quid I ever spent. Even if I’m hung-over and feel like exercise will make me barf I will watch this because it actually makes me so damn happy.

12. Fresh Air.

I mean, it’s totally free man!

So now I have procrastinated from my immense work load I feel a little more refreshed and ready to get back to grindstone.

I hope this week’s musings and randomness has given you a five minute break from whatever you’re up to!   
Have a great week peeps!

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