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A List of Emotions I Can Only Guess Feel a Bit Like Being In Love

Westlife said it’s like flying without wings, Meatloaf said he’d do anything for it but Haddaway asked the question that I am now contemplating: What is love? 

I’ve always thought that being in love would be a really clear feeling, and thus I’ve never really felt it.

I have no doubt loved and love a lot of things and people in my life but it’s the little ‘in’ bit that always causes the stutters and the indefinite answers.

At uni once, we made ‘love lists’ on our kitchen pinboard and wrote traits that our ideal lover would have… and without reciting all of the lists, I can safely say I don’t think ‘likes cats’ ‘doesn’t smoke’ were ever going to be a deciding factor of finding the one the gets the big L out of me.


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For me at the vibrant age of 23 I have decided that the only way I can differentiate from loving someone and being in love with someone is through certain feelings I have throughout my life that if someone could replicate I probably would definitely be in love with them.

If you’ve got to know me through my posts, you’ll see what’s coming next… yes a good old list!

So having wrecked my brain a little, here are some feelings that I think are a good starting point for what emotions I’m looking for when I suddenly get hit by the L bomb:

1. You’ve just trekked through London having just consumed two ciders and are thus desperate for a wee, the feeling of finally seeing a free toilet in a coffee shop and releasing your bladder.

2. You order several items online, one parcel arrives, and the packaging hides what item it is, a lovely surprise! You open it and are delighted by the gift you gave to yourself.

3. You trek to the discount section of the supermarket; they have smoked salmon and the little packet of mixed olives.

4. Someone on Jeremy Kyle who everyone wants to be the dad is confirmed to be the dad.

5. You are waiting to get off the train, you are near the door, you have thus volunteered yourself as the door button person, the train stops, and you push the button a split section as it flashes green, you then jump off first without tripping or running into a platform person, you are a hero.

6. You get home from work, there is a spare hour, and it is thus nap time.

7. You have a To Do List for the day and you complete it and thus it is nap time.

8. Your favourite TV character survives that really tense episode. (Team Arya!)

9. Your alarm goes off at 4am, you spring up, and it’s the start of your journey to the airport.

10. You are invited to an event between your dinner hours of 5pm and 7pm, there is free food including tea. Winning.

Bonus Feeling: You buy a bottle of wine. You take home that bottle of wine. You find an unseen Channel 4 dating show. You open that bottle of wine.  

So these are just a few feelings that I think if someone could replicate would mean I might break my L word amnesty, until then I’ll just continue to build my list.  

Love Daisy



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