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CAREER: What Does Success ‘LOOK’ Like?

I have been thinking recently about how easy it is to determine if someone is successful based on how they ‘look’ on their public profiles.

When I use the term ‘look’ I am referring to not only their face, but also how they portray themselves on social media platforms, which is a HUGE thing nowadays. I want to scratch your brain on a few things to consider when people post certain things on their public profiles.

In my opinion, in today’s society for young people, the new ‘trend’ is not just qualifications or an amazing internship, it is also how popular you are on your social media platforms.


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This debate is definitely one I hold dear to my heart. I wanted to touch on the topic on whether it looks like a person is ‘doing well’ or not on their social media platforms/blog.

I was talking to some university and college students the other day about how far they felt they had come towards fulfilling their dreams. I couldn’t help but notice a sense of disappointment among those that thought less of themselves, because of how their peers appeared ‘determined’ and ‘ambitious’ on social media.

Especially as the growth of PR agencies contacting bloggers more than printed publications for endorsement opportunities, it is becoming more apparent to people that a business can actually be generated as a result of one’s ‘social influence’ on their profiles.

So with that information in mind, do you think assumptions are made of someone based on social popularity?

It sure does seem like that nowadays!

Now… I know this may seem like a rant or like I am a ‘hater’ or a ‘snob’ but really and truly I am neither of those. I just believe that there are other things that people may be doing that doesn’t necessarily have to go in the ‘public eye’, but is still worth while. And whether they choose to share it with you is completely up to them.

Just because people may look a certain way on social media does not mean they are suddenly where they want to be.

Try not to compare yourself to anyone and run your own race, publicly or privately – completely up to you!

I have always been a very open person on my platforms because as a creative I grow my business from social media, referrals and more recently my blog! Without that my business would not be at the stage it is at now! But I wanted to send a message to everyone out there, whether you are a school leaver, in uni or full/part time employment – just work with your own flow.

Everyone has a flow of what works best for them, and depending on your goal putting your ‘ish’ all over social media may not be the best way forward for you!


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What does your success LOOK like? An ACCA chartered accountancy certificate? Your name featured in VOGUE…COSMO or LOOK? Or maybe a lease agreement of your first property?! Create YOU OWN VISION of your goal and pay no attention to how other people’s successes may look like!

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