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Exam/Deadlines: How To Prepare The MIND…

So we are heading right to the middle of Spring and the exam/deadline season is about to start (if some have not started already!) So you have got your notes ready… and your summer bucket list of things to do… but have you prepared your MIND?

Yes your mind. For a lot of you these exams/deadlines are a final hurdle, either for the end of school, college or the big one – UNIVERSITY! Regardless of how intelligent someone is the end is always unpredictable, you never know how you are going to handle the situation until you are faced with it! So these are some tips on what I wish I told myself exactly a year ago before my exam/final deadline period begun…


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Forget the timetable.

I don’t care what anyone thinks. NO ONE sticks to the timetable they make… no matter how enthusiastic they might be about learning. No one studies at set times unless they are getting paid for it – end of. Okay I am not saying you should completely abandon some sort of schedule. It is important to sort out topics you need to cover and have a rough target for when you need to complete it by. But in all honesty if you set your mind to think you are going to listen to that timetable step by step it makes you frustrated if you miss a day (trust me… you will miss at LEAST one). It can cause you to feel demotivated and like a failure and before you know it you can start to drown your sorrows.

So yes, go ahead and devise some sort of rough plan, but do you really need a detailed timetable? Do not sell yourselves a dream and try a casual approach to studying!

Plan ALL your breaks.

A lot of people tend to say to themselves; ‘I am keeping myself to myself’ till the end of exams (or some words to that effect). But what I found was you do need a break from time to time. Before your stress period begins book a day break in advance with a friend at the spa. Or maybe even a nice day in the park with naughty snacks to liven your mood? This can act as a stress release for you and will give you something to look forward to.

I would recommend a couple of breaks throughout your revision/coursework period (obviously do not go overboard) because it will remind your mind that life is still a beautiful thing and you will survive those exams and get to enjoy your life afterwards!

AM Not PM.

I know it is tempting to leave focus till the night time and put energy drinks and ProPlus in your system endlessly, but it is not healthy – at all. Yes it may keep you ‘awake’ but you will hardly take anything in. It is better to start early with a good breakfast and some natural tea to provide you with a natural burst of energy.

I do learn well in the evening though so can understand if you prefer to study in the evening too. For a energy boost I recommend Herbalife Instant Herbal Beverage that you can have hot OR cold. It has natural caffeine and extracts of green tea so gives you a cleanse/detox at the same time to flush all the sugary treats from the ‘procrastination sessions’ right out! Contact me to try one.


It is important to relax the mind by feeding the soul with exercises and procedures that bring peace and tranquility. Search some quick techniques on YouTube that you can do before and after a revision session or even just before an exam – you will definitely feel the difference!


It has been psychologically proven that playing well known music in the background when studying helps you learn faster – I definitely agree! Especially if I am trying to memorise key theories or concepts. Try playing a well known album in the background and switch albums as you switch the topic that you are revising. Each album will subconsciously be linked to the topic you were studying at that particular time, so you will remember it more during the exam.

If your topics are quite short, try just switching tracks and having them on repeat whilst you go through one topic at a time. :)


This is another thing I was guilty of during my university years. Do not cut yourself off from the rest of the world.Yes you can get busy and be aware of friends who may be busy during the time when you may want a break, but sharing your frustrations with your friends or hanging out together at the library is what you need sometimes. It is also important to be weary of ‘over-procrastination’ but having a chit chat every now and again doesn’t hurt!

You could also do it over the phone. I know how it feels to not be bothered to go out so revising at home is definitely something I enjoyed the most. Take a break and call someone who you know can motivate you.

Socialise … with YOURSELF too!  Who needs friends sometimes?!?!?!?! You have yourself. Put on a comedy movie or your favourite reality TV show and laugh out loud and joke with yourself mate. Who cares?! It will naturally cheer you up and if you are someone who enjoys their own company (like me) then you will prefer this much more.


I mean it. Sometimes it’s not everyday think you are not going to get through something… exams/coursework will never be the death of you. My moto is ‘do or die mate’ meaning I have NO option. So positively say to yourself whenever you are feeling low ‘DO OR DIE’ and remember to reassure yourself that you CAN DO IT.

Everyone goes through this so never feel as if you are the only one feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Exams & deadlines ALWAYS approach quicker than we want them to…

just AIM FOR THE BEST, stay grateful for the opportunity then live your life!

Do you have any good tips for Exam/Deadline preparation? How did you get through your final hurdle?

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