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Hey Man, Stop Flaking on Me!

The other month an old colleague messaged me on a social networking site asking about working together. I replied promptly, enthused and excited about this potential new collaboration. And guess what? She never wrote back. 

Wait a tick, did I miss something here? You contacted me, lady?! And yet 2 months later – I’M STILL WAITING.


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What happened? Did you change your mind? Did you fall down a mine shaft? DID YOU DIE???

I’m guessing you didn’t because I saw you repost that clip of a cats giving hi-fives. So what’s the deal?

There is one breed of people I am finding increasingly less tolerable and frightfully more common – FLAKY PEOPLE.

They’re everywhere.

I once met a person who told me he didn’t read his emails when I asked if he had received my message detailing where he would need to be for rehearsals. ‘Nahh, never check.’ He scoffed. I couldn’t even…

I have a question: How do you even get out of bed in the morning? How do you have a job if you don’t check your emails? WHO DOESN’T CHECK THEIR EMAILS? This is 2015!

I mean, how do flaky people even survive?!?

I’m being serious.

One of my best friends – bless her heart – is almost always an hour late. Can you imagine living an hour later then everyone else? Can you imagine how stressful that is? I can’t. Now, I just take a book to read. Or better yet, I’ve started telling her to meet me an hour earlier then I actually plan on meeting her, and usually we rock up at the same time. It’s just easier that way. I don’t want to sit at the bar on my own next to Old Man River’s talking to me about hovers again. His breath smells like the 1975 – the year, not the band. I’m done with it.

Maybe it’s my fault?

What if my ‘tolerance’ of flaky people has actually encouraged the bad behaviour? Maybe I’m just too nice. Or passive aggressive. Maybe I should grow a vagina and do what I really want to do and grab them by the collar and give them a shake: ‘Listen up Sonny Jim and get your your m-&*%**^%*^%&^%*&% together!’


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Maybe we are just living in a society that condones tardiness?

I blame flexi-time and Google Hangouts. Or maybe we are a part of a lost generation? A generation of floaters meandering down the stream of life, letting the current carry us where it will. 

Flakiness is not an occurrence, it’s an attitude. Being late, forgetfulness… these things happen. But a person who perpetually wastes everyone’s time – seriously? 

Maybe Aziz Ansari is right – it’s about lack of commitment. No-one wants to commit to anything anymore because they think something better’s going to come along!

As for me, if I have ever flaked on you – I’m very sorry. I repent. I now know the error of my ways. After all, the only acceptable flakes should be the ones found in ice cream Sundays – with extra chocolate fudge sauce, over a dollop of freshly whipped cream and a sprinkling of chopped nuts with a glacier cherry… Mmmm… 

‘Nuff rambling. Have a great (rest of the) week peeps!   


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  • Shiraz E.

    You’re RIGHT! This bugs the hell out of me! I would consider myself a very punctual and considerate person, and if I’m going to be late, I’m in constant contact with that person. How could you not be when we have mobile phones that can do everything for you, and we all know all of us are on our phones all the time?! It’s just courtesy.

    I have a friend who’s flaked on me twice in a row, and I just got really irritated. The second time, I reserved the whole damn day to spend with her and then when I asked where she was she said, ‘Oh sorry, I forgot, I’m helping my mum with her hair. I’ll come later.’ No specific time, no ‘what time suits you?’ None of that. And she didn’t even turn up at all that day! The next day she said ‘Sorry I didn’t get back to you. Hope you’re ok.’ I told her she needed to get a diary and she said ‘I hate diaries!’ Yeah. It shows. Way to go, woman. I haven’t spoken to her since. It’s just so rude to flake out on people.

  • Your message made me angry. Not at you, for you. I feel your pain girl. Thanks for sharing your experience on flaky people. x

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