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5 REAL Worries of a 20 year-old that Shouldn’t Even be a Problem

A lot of people assume being 20 means you have nothing to worry about and life is like a carefree fun ride. Little do people know the little stupid things we can get stressed about that, in truth, don’t really deserve time to be pondered on.

Along with stressing about getting a job and trying to be a success, we tend to burden ourselves with so many other stupid things that we shouldn’t be worrying about.

Here’s the good news: You’re not alone in feeling this way.

The bad news: We all need to stop doubting ourselves and stop worrying, because it’s only making us more miserable, and there are enough miserable things in this world without our help.

20 something problems

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To give you an idea about the stupid things I’m talking about here are some of those worries that we all have in our 20s, but seriously need to let go of:

1. Being less productive when it comes to socialising.

Don’t beat yourself up if you want to have a weekend to yourself, to just chill and focus on relaxing. Those Instagrams of your friends  may look great, but saving money and walking around in your PJs all day is way more relaxing.

2. Traveling the world.

As a 20 years old we all think that this is our time to go out to travel and explore. However the truth is we won’t all be able to do all the travel in one go. The places you want to see will be there no matter when you see them. So in honesty you have your whole life to go and be an explorer.

3. Trying to be a superhero and save the world and not knowing where to start.

Helping others is what the world needs more of. Take into account all of the little ways you’re helping others and focus on how to expand on them. World peace won’t happen overnight so focus on the little acts of charity you can do. Baby steps are the way forward.

4. Embracing your inner fashionista. 

Being a city girl it’s hard not to give in when shopping and buy the latest trends. We’re taught that the most put-together people are the ones that are immaculately dressed. Yet, people are proving their worth every single day despite their style. I often find myself buying way too many clothes and different styles in the hope to stay current when it comes to fashion. However over time I’ve learnt that you should just stay true to your tastes and interests. At the end of the day it’s your attitude that matters most not the way you look.

5. Not having enough money.

You’re young and still have time to work your way up. So unless you’re another Mark Zuckerberg, well, money isn’t just going to fall from the sky. When it comes to money determination and patience is the way to go. Also don’t forget saving money is essential and a little saving each month accumulates and can go a long way.

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