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June 30, 2015 - Written by:

Suzie Parkus Answers Your Dating Questions: Part 4


Sex on first date. Yay or nay? – From Anonymous  Oh gees, this is a pretty common question with a not so simple answer. First it depends how you met. Then it matters as to the build up conversation to the forthcoming date and whether you have been at all suggestive and creating an element of lust and desire. If... Read the rest of this post...


May 22, 2014 - Written by:

Can We Ever Stay Friends With Our Ex?

One Does Not SImply Joy

It is with a little bit of sadness that I write this post, but last week I was dumped, simple as that and although I’m an avid fan of rom-coms and the empowering hails of Cher and Beyonce, I didn’t exactly follow the standard Bridget-esque routine (well, there was wine). After spending the day bonding over cats in Soho’s cat... Read the rest of this post...


May 3, 2014 - Written by:

The Emotional Constipation of British Dating

Email Regards

I coaxed my brother and sister out the other week with the promise of pizza and beer. We got onto the subject of the differences between Brits and Americans. In a massive generalisation, we agreed that Americans seem to carry a lot more confidence than Brits and we started to joke about how British people ‘push the feelings down’ before... Read the rest of this post...