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January 16, 2014 - Written by:

It’s a New Year… Let’s Squeeze in Some Good Deeds!

Help others

It’s the start of the new year and, like many of you, I’ve been thinking about all the stuff I want to do in the year ahead. As New Year’s resolutions go, helping others and doing good deeds seem to be high on several people’s lists, myself included. For me ‘helping others’ also includes helping animals. If you haven’t already... Read the rest of this post...


October 16, 2013 - Written by:

Suffering Post Uni Blues? Me too!


So I have been a working, tax-paying member of society for about a year now. Yes, it’s good to no longer be spending frustratingly long periods of time filling in job applications, stressing over what to wear to interviews and freaking out about the prospect of being unemployed forever. But I don’t deny that I miss being a student. Everyone... Read the rest of this post...