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March 4, 2015 - Written by:

On Being a Female Traveler in India


I recently spent a month travelling around India. A month driving 3000 miles on roads that could hardly count as a dirt track, let alone something that was driveable in a vintage car older than my 26 years. But although the roads were life threatening and terrifying, that wasn’t our main concern. Being three white women travelling through the arse-end... Read the rest of this post...


November 14, 2014 - Written by:

Why Ched Evans Should NOT be Allowed Back into the World of Football

Ched Evans

Something has happened this week that has not only taken sexism in the sporting world back a decade, but the fight against rape too. Ched Evans, recently found guilty of rape and sentenced to five years in prison, has been allowed to train with his old football team, Sheffield United. (Image via) So lets just take a look at this... Read the rest of this post...