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May 5, 2014 - Written by:

A Twenty-Something’s Guide on How to Get Your Shit Together (Part 2)


So last week I talked a bit about how to get your shit together when you have no idea what you’re doing with your life. But how about when you know EXACTLY what you want to do!?! You’d think that would be easier hey! But turns out finding the strength, motivation and courage to make your dreams a reality can be a... Read the rest of this post...


April 28, 2014 - Written by:

A Twenty Something’s Guide on How to Get Your Shit Together (Part 1)

Lost in Translation

While having coffee with a girlfriend the other day she confided that she was struggling to find focus in her life. And it was causing her real misery. Now she was the 5th person to mention this problem to me in the past month. And her story is one that has been cropping up a lot on aliljoy recently. One... Read the rest of this post...


April 26, 2014 - Written by:

Book Club: The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank's Diary

After owning the book for over a decade, I finally read The Diary of Anne Frank in its entirety. I had picked it up and put it back down a couple of times before, getting to the point where Anne and her family moved into the Annexe, and I'm ashamed to say it took me until the age of 26 to finally read it all. In fact, it was only after reading this, that I discovered that Anne died from typhus in a concentration camp, just two weeks before the British troops arrived. That is unbelievably tragic.


April 10, 2014 - Written by:

What’s Holding You Back?

letting go

There are times in our lives when Murphy’s Law seems to be in full effect, and everything that can go wrong really does go wrong. Perhaps money gets tight or you encounter constant failure. Or maybe a loved one is lost. Or a medical report comes back with terrible news. Either way, these experiences can have you questioning a lot,... Read the rest of this post...


April 5, 2014 - Written by:

What A Difference A Year Makes

Post 7. PastPresentFuture

We go about our daily lives with the world buzzing around us; and yet, we often take for granted how much can happen in a single day. Sometimes, particularly on a working day, life can feel a bit repetitive. ‘Am I getting anywhere or just repeating the same day?’ Whenever this question enters my head, I am most certainly taking for... Read the rest of this post...


March 23, 2014 - Written by:

Ladies, did you get naked? #nomakeupselfie


The #nomakeupselfie trend took social media by storm this week – and boy did it spark up some debate! “It’s vain” “It’s narcissistic” “I don’t see the point” “It’s just a shame it takes online media and even vanity to highlight a disease we all clearly know about and many other causes and so we should be donating naturally.” “Going... Read the rest of this post...