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May 20, 2013 - Written by:

Life. It’s Complicated


Image via The more I step into life the more I realise nothing is simple. I can feel ecstatically happy, utterly petrified and completely vulnerable all at the same time. I can be passionately in-love yet perfectly unavailable, courageous yet fearful, content yet restless, dumb, smart, aloof, alert, grounded, skeptical, unpredictable, completely predictable… I mean, sometimes I sit in my... Read the rest of this post...


October 31, 2011 - Written by:



 So I had a bit of a meltdown this week. I actually went slightly AWOL. I almost broke down into tears at uni – a complete mess… And now I feel like a giant penis. So here’s the story… I am a bit of a Take That fan and I am unashamed to admit that I have recently been fairly... Read the rest of this post...


October 9, 2011 - Written by:

Get Your Face Outtta My Facebook


Sooo let’s not go into positives, because we all know there are plenty of ‘em. This is about when Facebook goes wrong. Very wrong.  Facebook should be called ASBO-book, really.  Is it me or are people getting touchy with status updates? The other day I logged into my account and innocently browsed my news feed. Louise had got a haircut.... Read the rest of this post...