About aliljoy.com

Hello peeps, Yaz here. aliljoy all started as a personal blog space where I could express my thoughts on love, life and society. Since then, I roped in some mates and have relaunched as a collective. Why? Well… it’s just more fun with friends isn’t it?! Hope you enjoy browsing and here’s our Mission…

The Mission – ‘Our mission is to inspire and be inspired!’

One. Positive Discussion.

To spread a lil’ piece of joy whilst tackling real topics on love, life and society. Let’s face it, sometimes life can be a massive tit-ache (that actually happens) but we believe in talking about life’s challenges and finding the treasure in the trial.


Because we want to be a part of the solution not the problem. We want to help others who face the same challenges, and through writing we aim to give hope and encouragement.

Two. Create Community.

Yes, we’re talkin’ to you! Three heads are better then one… four heads better than three… ahh you get the picture… We encourage you to engage in our conversations and share your stories.


Because we believe in sharing wisdom, knowledge and the power of community in the pursuit of generating personal and social change in our homes and local community.

Three. Honesty.

We believe in engaging in honest, truthful conversation. Just say it how it is. But no bitchiness please. We endorse a non-sugar coated approach to what women really think.


Because we acknowledge all dimensions of our humanity. We are more than fashion, money, celeb gossip, make-up and our relationship status. WE. ARE. MORE. We strive to be pioneers in our world, and that starts with honesty and acceptance of ourselves.

Four. Not Female Exclusive.

Dudes! If you have something you would like to contribute we’d love to hear from you. Give us your angle.


Because we value men and want them to support us in out endeavours to nurture strong women and create an inclusive community.

JOY def. the emotion evoked by well-being, success or good fortune or the prospect of possessing what one desires.

Pssst! Just a lil disclosure… While this is our united mission, all the views posted on this website are the writers own and might not necessarily represent the views of the community as a whole!