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June 19, 2016 - Written by:

8 Things My Dad Taught Me About Leadership (and Life)

Dad and I

Daddy Vigus is vastly known on this blog for his ambling bear-like fridge foraging, but those who know the man know he’s so SO much more.  My dad is the kind of father who fills you with reassurance when you tell him you’re concerned you might have contracted ebola on holiday.  The kind of dad who guarantees that if I get abducted by sex traffickers,... Read the rest of this post...


September 22, 2014 - Written by:

6 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About LIFE!


It all began with Pinterest. Man, I love to pin! Earlier this year I kept coming across all these incredibly self-indulgent pics of girls on mountains facing these epic landscapes with titles like ‘Wanderlust’ and ‘Into the Wild’ and all that kind of yuppie crap… And that’s when it hit me… I wanna do that! I want to do the yuppie... Read the rest of this post...