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Can I buy you a drink?

So, the other day I was in a bar ordering some cocktails and a guy came up to me and asked ‘got enough dough?’

I looked at him in confusion for several moments, before leaning forward and saying ‘don’t you worry about me. I’m fine.’

Now, I was concerned about what gave him the impression that I couldn’t afford my own drinks. It wasn’t as though I had been scrambling around in my purse. In fact, I was holding my debit card aloft, waiting for the bar woman to bring over the chip and pin machine. I came to the conclusion that I either looked poor, unemployed or completely hopeless. His opening gambit had not had the desired effect.

If the guy was attempting to start a conversation with me, then he had failed spectacularly.

I guess that what he had meant by his comment was that he wanted to buy me a drink, and even that is a risky scenario. If a guy approaches a girl without any preamble and offers to buy her a drink, you have to question his motives. It appears to mean that he is rewarding her based on that fact that she looks attractive across a crowded room, and in return he expects to share her company for X amount of time.

Don’t get me wrong, I have accepted drinks from people, and I have also bought drinks for people. But starting a conversation with someone up shouldn’t be a financial transaction. Your time and your attention is free and that is far more welcome than an alcoholic beverage.

The poor lad had dug himself a hole and continued to put his foot in it further.

He was only drinking water, and it was only 8pm, so it was clear that he’d had one too many. But it goes to show that sometimes how you say something is more important than the actual concept.

Perhaps the art of conversation is dying as we bury out heads in our smart phones and social media pages. The good, old fashioned ‘hello’ seems to have disappeared. I personally think that a friendly hello is the best way to start a conversation. No smiley faced emoticon can replace eye contact, and face to face dialogue.

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The lad and his friends went on to a bar elsewhere and I can only hope he had better luck later on. I myself had a great time. I may not be rich yet, but I am fortunate enough to afford my own drinks. 🙂

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