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February 25, 2016 - Written by:

Smartphone Addiction


The days before the smartphone; it’s all become a bit hazy now. I can barely remember a time when my phone was not within touching distance. In the college where I work, the rules about phones are a bit ambiguous. Students should have their phones away unless a teacher asks them to use them. There are so many apps that... Read the rest of this post...


November 4, 2015 - Written by:

What Dory Taught Me About Life


Being a Scorpio I can hold a grudge for a long time and it can be incredibly draining. I could quite easily not talk to someone for the rest of my life if they really upset me. Unfortunately grudge-bearing is not compatible with working with teenagers. Teenagers can be frustrating, exasperating and extremely rude for no apparent reason. As much... Read the rest of this post...


October 22, 2015 - Written by:

Mind: Five Ways To Well-Being


In the next year, 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health issue. That’s pretty scary, right? But don’t panic, the mental health charity ‘Mind’ have five steps to maintaining a healthy well-being. These are steps that we can all incorporate into our daily lives: 1. Connect Relationships are important for keeping ourselves connected to those we love... Read the rest of this post...


August 20, 2015 - Written by:

I am what I am.

bad date 2

Recently I went on a date, which, although it started off well, ended badly. The problem was, that early on it became obvious that we had very different personalities. I’m quite stubborn and don’t like being told what to do. Whereas he clearly thought that I needed help to broaden my horizons. The problems started with the location of the... Read the rest of this post...


May 14, 2015 - Written by:

The Age of the Selfie: Are We Losing Our ‘Selves’?


Selfies have been around quite a while now. Love them or loathe them it looks like they’re here to stay. When you really think about it, taking a picture of yourself is a bit weird, right? I’m definitely guilty of taking the odd selfie, but I couldn’t imagine constantly uploading new ones to social media – it would be exhausting!... Read the rest of this post...