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Why We Should All Take a Leaf Out of a Young Person’s Book

I’m currently at at an age where I’m now considered to be a young adult and no longer seen as a teenager. It feels weird even saying the word adult let alone being  associated with the word.

According to society now being an ‘adult’ means I have to be mature in my approach to everything. To be completely honest I know this probably sounds a bit cliché but I still feel sixteen and don’t know if I have a mature bone in my body.

Having said that it took me to meet a young person to understand that maturity could come with a consequence that I was not even aware of until I met a young teenager.

Last week, I bumped into my friend’s teen  sister whilst shopping and we ended up having a bit of a catch up.We talked about what we were up to and our aspirations.

Whilst talking to her it came apparent that she had so much willpower and positivity.

I started reminiscing about what I was like at her age always being ready to take on the world. This got me thinking that maybe I’m not such a teenager after all.

It was clear that she was full of optimism and was positive about life and took every failure as a step forward to success whilst also appreciating the little gifts in life.

It felt as though being a young adult had only served to take away the positivity and optimism she so strongly had.

All this time I thought I felt sixteen when I actually feel double my age and a sixteen year old girl felt like the mature one out of the two of us in this instance.

I know adults like to think that teenagers are irresponsible and immature. However from my experience it feels as though sometime teens can be more mature than adults.

There full of optimism and happy thoughts and look forward to success and understand that everything can be achieved if you work hard and deal with the bad as well a we deal with the good in our lives with a level head.

To be honest after the conversation I had with my friend’s sister I no longer see teens as youngsters who know nothing about the world but now in a funny way hope to aspire to be as positive and optimistic as them.

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