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Why I’m Fed Up With Technology And Why You Should Be Too

We are currently in an age where computer screens dominate our everyday lives. Wherever you turn, there is technology at its finest making life easier for us. An example being the controversial electric vehicle called the Segway, eliminating the need to walk to and from places.

How wonderful – not.

I have now come to a point where I just want to go to a desert island and get away from everything to do with technology.

With that being said, there is no arguing that modern technology can be revolutionary and helps us to go above and beyond our understanding of a number of things, such as medicine and the human body. Without technology such as bypass machines, many people would not be alive.

But then there is technology like hoverboards,which just eliminate the need for us to walk altogether. Why?

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As a journalist, I spend hours staring blankly at screens and can easily spend a full 24 hours staring at a screen non-stop.

In fact, journalism itself has now changed so much that we do almost everything online. People now read the news and find the news on social media or on news websites which sadly has started a decline in print journalism.

This results in more and more hours spent staring zombie-like at a screen.

I find myself absorbed by technology. It can sometimes be really overwhelming. Especially when all you’ve been doing is sitting in one seat with your eyes glued to a screen to do your work, and continuing until your brain is fried – at which point you force yourself to take a break.

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But funnily enough, your idea of a break is to look at another screen: your mobile, where you’ll be checking what your mates have been up to on social media, before returning to be fully converted into a mechanical robot stuck to yet another screen.

To be honest, I would not have fully understood exactly what this horrid cycle I was living was, till I had a good natter with my grandmother.

There’s no lie when people say the old are wise; it’s 100% accurate.

I told her about how I was feeling tired all the time, while I was checking my phone.

At which point she grabbed the phone out of my hand and said: ‘This is the answer to your worries. Going tick tick tick texting on this all day.’

It then hit me.

When was the last time I went a day without looking at a screen, not being confined by modern technology?

Honestly, I couldn’t even answer that question.

I had become so immersed with technology that I had forgotten that life is not all about being stuck to a screen.

I love reading books, and even in my free time I would read my books online, resorting to technology in my leisure time.

What I needed was to pick up a book, take up baking or just go for a long walk to clear my head.

Constantly submerging yourself with technology is in no way great. I know it’s difficult fighting the urge to check your Twitter every five minutes. But trust me when I say too much technology is not healthy.

Everything is good in moderation.

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