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November 3, 2015 - Written by:

Run Baby Run


The auburn leaves underfoot and starkly bright mornings give me a very specific déjà vu – it marks one year since I began running. I love it most in the early morning and late evening, when the light flits, either fading or broadening. Needless to say, autumn is my favourite time of year. Positioned midway between the extremities of summer... Read the rest of this post...


September 3, 2015 - Written by:

My Parkrun Experience – The Strength of a Running Community

Shiraz ThisGirlCan

A few weeks ago, I went down to Southampton to spend the weekend with my dear friend Ollie. We’ve grown up together and I had yet to visit him in his lovely new house, and meet his crazy labradoodle, Oscar. We didn’t really have much of a plan of what to do whilst I was down there, but one thing... Read the rest of this post...


August 18, 2015 - Written by:

Choose Love, Choose Happiness

Happiness-Wallpaper-2 (1)

Something that has been bothering my mind recently is how easy it is to feel silly or irrational when you keep forgiving someone continuously or consistently make an effort with that one friend everyone says treats you badly. We have all felt that major burn in our chest at one point in our lives when someone disappoints us beyond our... Read the rest of this post...


July 7, 2015 - Written by:

What Happened to Compliments?


In an era where self worth can be measured in the amount of Facebook ‘Likes’ received on a new profile picture, real life compliments seem to be falling by the wayside. With friends competing to see who can get the most hearts on an Instagram post, what space is there for genuine sentiments away from digital screens? In my recent experience... Read the rest of this post...


June 25, 2015 - Written by:

My First Year at Uni: The Good and the Bad!

BFF No More_0

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was worrying about going uni and drowning in my thoughts of whether I would fit in or not, whilst dealing with all the UCAS and student finance things. Which all ends I promise you. I know the student finance thing sounds long and tedious but it will be sorted and that’s when... Read the rest of this post...