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February 26, 2016 - Written by:

Dear 12 Year Old Self…..


I know you think you’re too cool to listen to my advice and you think you know everything about life. However, the truth is you don’t actually know that much, and there is so much you have yet to discover about yourself and the world. I’m now considered an ‘adult’ and I can tell you, even now, there are so... Read the rest of this post...


February 14, 2016 - Written by:

4 Reasons We Need to Talk About Valentine’s Day


Yesterday, as I was sat against our living room radiator, cradling a cup of tea to warm my frozen fingers, whilst simultaneously attempting to stop the puppy from destroying everything in sight, the boyfriend popped his head around the door to say goodbye, with an added, ‘You haven’t got anything for Valentine’s Day, have you?’ And I hadn’t. And I... Read the rest of this post...


February 10, 2016 - Written by:

Stop That London-Bashing, Please – It’s the Best City in the World


Time after weary time, I’ve had to sit through tedious conversations on why London is such a rubbish city. ‘Oh, its impossible to buy a house anywhere in London, ordinary people are getting priced out’; ‘The crime rates are shocking! You never get that sort of thing in Bath…’; ‘It’s too crowded, I can’t breathe on the Tube’; ‘There’s no... Read the rest of this post...


February 1, 2016 - Written by:

Why We Should All Take a Leaf Out of a Young Person’s Book


I’m currently at at an age where I’m now considered to be a young adult and no longer seen as a teenager. It feels weird even saying the word adult let alone being  associated with the word. According to society now being an ‘adult’ means I have to be mature in my approach to everything. To be completely honest I know... Read the rest of this post...


December 17, 2015 - Written by:

5 Ways to Help the Homeless at Christmas


Christmas is a time for family, roaring fires and good food; but what if you were alone, cold and hungry at Christmas? There are no official figures for the number of people who are homeless across the UK, because homelessness is recorded differently in each nation and because many homeless people do not show up in official statistics at all.... Read the rest of this post...


December 7, 2015 - Written by:

6 Things You Should Know About Your Amazing Brain!


I don’t know about you but sometimes I get a bit fed up of all this positive thinking spiel. ‘Let it go’, ‘be happy’, ‘YOLO’, ‘peace mannn’. GAHHHH, STOP TALKING TO ME! Often when I am in the midst of trials in my personal life I can get frustrated with positive mantras because I don’t really see how all these... Read the rest of this post...


October 28, 2015 - Written by:

Why I’m Fed Up With Technology And Why You Should Be Too

Hoverboard Joy

We are currently in an age where computer screens dominate our everyday lives. Wherever you turn, there is technology at its finest making life easier for us. An example being the controversial electric vehicle called the Segway, eliminating the need to walk to and from places. How wonderful – not. I have now come to a point where I just... Read the rest of this post...